Exchange Clerkship

KU Medical Exchange Clerkship Program

Welcome to Korea University College of Medicine!

KU Medical Exchange Clerkship Program is administered by the Department of Academic Affairs and offers 2 to 4 week clinical research and training program for undergraduate medical students from all around the world at all year round at the university's teaching hospitals in Anam, Guro and Ansan.
For more than 100 years, Korea University has been providing academic excellence under the motto, "Liberty, Justice and Truth". Throughout its history, KU has educated many leaders in the past and will continue on with its ceaseless efforts in the present and future, with the objective of educating not only national but also global leaders.
To excel in our subject of fostering young medical specialists and accommodating for diverse student needs, Korea University College of Medicine will continue to develop global educational programs and give overseas students more opportunities to share knowledge and understand the medical system and environment in South Korea.