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Brain and Neural Science is a study which understands the developmental process and operating principles of brains and systematically examines the occurrence of cerebropathia and brain damage to give clinical helps to patients.


Modern society is witnessing a dramatic increase of degenerative brain disorders due to aging patients and research on brains is urgently required for treatment. The Brain and Neural Science department was established in the College of Medicine in March, 2007, for the purpose of fundamental research and development of new drug for cerebral nerve disease.

The Brain and Neural Science department has the goal of researching the mechanism of cell damage and developing medicines for degenerative nervous disease and the laboratory consists of the sector of animal model and new drug development and the sector of cell/molecular biology. At present, there are 1 full-time teacher (Won-Ki Kim), 1 research professor (In-Young Choi), 1 post-doctorate researcher (Yoo-Geum Choi), 2 researchers in master course (Hye-Jin Kim, Geum-Sil Cho), 4 graduate students (Min-Na Woo, Chensha, Hyeon-Seung Park, Seo-Young Yoon). The main research fields and techniques performed by the Brain and Neural Science department include cell biological and pharmacological mechanism for nerve cell death and glia cell activation control by using ischemic-hemorrhagic stroke animal model and primary culture cell of nerve cell and glia cell and research on development of medical transporter which can be delivered to brains and local areas using multiple oxygen carrier. This department is carrying out national works for Brain and Neural Science Frontier, Food and Drug Administration, the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Science and Engineering Foundation (special-purpose fundamental project and SRC) and a research in cooperation with pharmaceutical company.

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