Basic Science-Preventive Medicine

A student who learned preventive medicine in College of Medicine shall be able to define a general survey of academy and recognize the importance of preventive medicine for national health and apply theory and technology of preventive medicine as a leader of health care field.
The subject of preventive medicine consists of three fields including environmental and occupational medicine, epidemiological and medical informatics, and medical management. Students can obtain and apply various knowledge related to preventive medicine.
The preventive medicine department consists of 9 full-time teachers, 1 research instructor, research assistant professor, senior researcher and resident, research assistant and staff.  It conducted a community health project and made a new epoch of domestic epidemiological and sociomedical statistic research, which was a pathless barren land, with various sociomedical research performances and carried out a health survey for local residents in Yeocheon Industrial Complex hosted by the Ministry of Environment and the National Environmental Protection Institute. The Environment Medical Research Center has actively operated the Environment Health Center, International Health Strategy Center, Toxication Information Center and Hazard Communication Center since its opening in 1972. In addition, the health science cooperation course was opened in the department of medical science in March 1999, the department of industrial medicine was opened in January 2000, and in March 2000, the graduate school of public health was established to cultivate manpower specialized in public health to deepen knowledge for field work and contribute to training for health manpower with comprehensive insight. It also operates the MRC genome and protein body ecotoxicity medical science center and Korea designated by Korea Cochran Center Science and Engineering Foundation and actively supports clinical and fundamental research and reinforces PR activity for basic medicine to medical students for the purpose of cultivating basic medicine researchers.