Basic Science-Biomedical Engineering

Yong-Doo Park Professor

Yong-Doo Park 교수

박용두 / Yong-Doo Park

  • DeptBiomedical Engineering
  • RankProfessor
  • MajorBiomedical Engineering
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  • Phone02-2286-1458
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A Durability Study of a Paracorporeal Pulsatile Electro-Mechanical Pneumatic Biventricular Assist Device. / ARTIFICIAL ORGANS / 2011 / Hyuk Choi: Heung-Man Lee; KyoungWon Nam; Jaesoon Choi; Jung-Joo Lee; Ho Chul Kim; Seung Joon Song; Chi Bum Ahn; Ho Sung Son; Choon Hak Lim; Kuk Hui; Yong Doo Park; Gi Seok Jeong; Kyung Sun.
The enhancement of mature vessel formation and cardiac function in infarcted hearts using dual growth factor delivery with self-assembling peptides. / BIOMATERIALS / 2011 / Ji Hyun Kim: Youngmee Jung; Sang-Heon Kim; Kyung Sun; Jaesoon Choi; Hee Chan Kim; Yongdoo Park; Soo Hyun Kim.
Haptic Virtual Fixture for Robotic Cardiac Catheter Navigation. / ARTIFICIAL ORGANS / 2011 / Park Jun Woo; Choi Jae soon; Park Yongdoo; Sun Kyung.
Sodium Alginate Hydrogel-Based Bioprinting Using a Novel Multinozzle Bioprinting System. / ARTIFICIAL ORGANS / 2011 / Song Seung-Joon; Choi Jaesoon; Park YongDoo; Hong Soyoung; Lee Jung Joo; Ahn Chi Bum; Choi Hyuk; Sun Kyung.
A three-dimensional bioprinting system for use with a hydrogel-based biomaterial and printing parameter characterization / ARTIFICIAL ORGANS / 2010 / Song SJ; Choi J; Park YD; Lee JJ; Hong SY; Sun K.
Development of a force-reflecting robotic platform for cardiac catheter navigation. / ARTIFICIAL ORGANS / 2010 / Park JW; Choi J; Pak HN; Song SJ; Lee JC; Park Y; Shin SM; Sun K.
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