Basic Science-History of Medicine & Medical Humanities

Medicine is a comprehensive science and practical field which covers not only science but also humanities. However, modern medicine only stresses biomedicine and scientific knowledge and technology-oriented development and caused such problems of excessive subdivision of specialized fields in patient treatment and medical education and failure in general approach to patients' problems
By the end of the 20th century, skepticism and counter-argument to the existing biomedical knowledge-oriented education were brought up and professionalism of medical education was emphasized, which triggered the installation of specialized departments which would take charge of medical education in colleges of medical all over the world.

Accordingly, there has been a rapid development of medical education through improvements based on numerous researches and bases. For the College of Medicine at Korea University, Medical Education Research Society, a voluntary research meeting consisting of faculty members, was established through interests and efforts for improvement and development of medical education in December 1995, and this activity for medical education led to the establishment of the Medical Education department. On March 1, 2000, the Medical Education department was officially established.

This is the first case where the college of medicine in the country opened a medical education department as a department, an academic unit. Since the establishment of department, various activities of education, research and international exchange have been conducted through engaging teachers who have interests in medical education and competent human resources. The department has presented the largest number of academic research papers internally and abroad among the domestic medical education departments and greatly contributed to the introduction and settlement of performance tests of the National Examination for Medical Practitioners in the field of medical education evaluation.

The department had its 10th anniversary of establishment in 2010 and changed its name to the Medical Humanities department in March 2013. It has made its best to achieve the goal of medical education pursued by college such as not only basic medical education but also development of resident education and professionalism of college teacher and improve the quality of education. For intramural activity, the department has been actively doing education improvement activities by participating in and supporting education committees, as well as student education, teaching development, curriculum development and evaluation. It also has contributed to the development of Korean Society of Medical Education and Korean Institute of Medical Education and Evaluation, and taken part in many national and organizational research projects and strived to foster younger students through graduate schools of master's and doctoral course.