Basic Science-Biostatistics


Biostatistics is a field of science which develops statistical theories applied to data obtained from areas of medicine and health science researches. Biostatistics is, therefore, a fruit of modern academic demand in which professionalisms between medicine/health science and statistics are properly and timely combined. Biostatistics has already been established as an innovative academic field whose role is multifaceted in terms of developing its own statistical theories, exploring natural characteristics of biomedical data, and providing methodological framework to clinical researchers on the basis of statistical professionalism. In nowadays, a biomedical research without any biostatistical supporting evidence is no longer be regarded as a scientific study, so that the role and stature of biostatisticians in medical and health sciences research areas are getting emphasized.


Department of Biostatistics in College of Medicine, Korea University, was established in 2006 to meet these growing academic and social demands. The department, currently consisted of two faculty members and one research fellow, provides a graduate program of biostatistics which offers MS and PhD degrees in Biostatistics with financial supports for teaching and research assistants. The department also supports biostatistical consulting units of three hospitals (Anam, Guro and Ansan hospitals) in Korea University Medical Center.