Clinical ScienceFamily Medicine

The Department of Family Medicine presents continued and comprehensive medical service to patients and their families regardless of ages, gender, internal organs or diseases. We at the Department of Family Medicine are your family doctors who are serving for the health of your family.

The Department is carrying out joint research projects and working together with the Geriatrics Department at Brigham and Women's Hospital of Harvard University in the USA. We jointly provide every year education and training programs for medical experts and professionals. The Department is your family doctor who is responsible for your health and your family through the registration system. We also provide a round-the-clock telephone counseling with family members registered.

The Department runs a health promotion clinic which provides nutritional and fitness counseling services and a geriatric clinic which deals comprehensively with senior citizen patients. We are also preparing for an obesity clinic, sports injury clinic and anti-smoking clinic. We presently provide counseling services related to the above clinics in preparation.