Clinical ScienceInternal Medicine

Internal medicine is the basics of medicine. The goals of the internal medicine department are as follows:

  • Educates essential medical knowledge at each stage of intern, medical resident and fellow and cultivates basic competence and personal qualities that physicians must have
  • Delivers the best treatment on the basis of the respect for human health and life.
  • Opens the future of medical service through advanced treatments and research of life for each field.
  • Cultivates competent and creative people who can show their leadership in community and, by extension, the global medical world.

The internal medicine department is divided into 8 fields of specialization including digestive, circulatory, respiratory disease, kidney disease, infection, tumor/blood, infection, and rheumatic and consists of 95 full-time teachers and 77 clinical teachers. Education for medical students, training for residents and fellows and treatment are conducted at Anam, Guro and Ansan Hospital under the medical center. They strive to concentrate on cutting edge research.