Clinical ScienceNeurology

Neurology is a specialized branch of medicine that diagnoses and treats all the diseases on the central nervous system, composed of brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nervous system including cerebral nerves, peripheral nerves and muscles.

  • People that require neurological examination
    headache, dizziness, change and lose of consciousness, aphasia, hemiplegia, diplopia, visual field defect, facial palsy, slow movement or gait disorder, character change, memory impairment, insomnia, limb numbness, muscle power reduction, and muscular atrophy are indications
  • Tests by the Department of Neurology
    The Department of Neurology provides PET, MRI, CT, angiography, TCD, Myelogram, SECT, EEG, EP, EMG, and NCS. to make an accurate diagnosis.

The Department runs Stroke Clinic, Epilepsy Clinic, Sleep Disorder Clinic, Headache Clinic, Parkinson's disease Clinic, Memory Disorder Clinic and Peripheral Nerve Disease Clinic. It also runs Neurophysiology Lab (EEG and EP), ElectrodiagnosticStudy Lab, TCD Lab and Video Analysis Lab for evaluation of mobility problems for an accurate diagnosis and progress of disease. It also carries out clinical tests and experiments on neurological diseases.