Clinical ScienceNeurosurgery

Particularly, since we reported excellent outcomes of harmonizing surgery radiation therapy, and chemical therapy in treating patients with malignant brain tumors, we have played the leading role at home and abroad. Backed by long-built experiences and know-how and talented young neurological doctors, we strengthen our resources and capabilities. In close collaboration with leading neurosurgery departments in prominent universities, including MD Anderson Cancer Center in the USA, Hokkaido University Hospital in Japan and HwasanHospital in Shanghai, China, we run Spine Damage Center and Cerebral Vascular Disease Clinic, and Pediatric Neurological Disease Clinic. We make utmost efforts to expand our realm of specialty and provide best care for patients.

In addition, we pursue more specialized and quality care by carrying out basic and clinical studies through the Brain Tumor and Stem Cell Research Center. We also hold an open seminar called 'Night for Brain and Spine Patients' every December in oderto help patients and their families understand neurosurgical diseases and provide an opportunity to freely discuss with medical experts about the diseases. Such events have warmly been appreciated.