Clinical ScienceSurgery

Surgery is a study of which treatment and research are based on operation and requires high level of morality and lots of knowledge. Therefore the education for surgery should cultivate the best, consummate surgeons morally as well as academically

Surgery is a study which treatment is made by surgeon's hand and requires knowledge for diagnosis and treatment of surgical disease. Surgery is divided into digestive trouble including surgical oncology, breast and endocrine disease, blood vessels and organ transplants and Laparoscopic surgery and surgical treatment for these diseases is the basis of surgery. Therefore, a long-term clinical practice and experience is required. Surgical medicine was the starting point of Western medicine and the flower and synthetic crystal of modern medicine.

The surgery classroom takes charge of the primary, secondary and tertiary surgical treatment for patients with surgical disease and is recognized for excellence locally and abroad. In addition, it has contributed to cultivation of competent and outstanding surgeons and development of surgical study through education for residents and fellows together with education for medical students and graduate students. Moreover, surgery contributes to maintenance and development of health of local community by applying diagnosis and treatment of the highest priority to patients and strives to provide best education and treatment and improve the quality of treatment by maintaining general, organic relationships with patient treatment, education and research. The surgery classroom has been cultivated and developed according to the characteristics of Anam, Guro and Ansan Hospital and consists of 15 professors, clinical instruction fellows and residents to take charge of diagnosis and treatment for patients. A special center by disease is operated to form a professional treatment system. Digestive and liver bile surgery, colorectal surgery, surgical oncology, breast and endocrine surgery, vascular and transplant surgery, pediatric surgery, minimally invasive surgery (Laparoscopic surgery) strives to improve the diagnosis for patients and the performance of eduation and research