Dean's message

글로벌 의료인재 양성의 산실, 고려대학교 의과대학. 세계의 명문으로 우둑 서겠습니다.

Thanks for your visit to the homepage of the College of Medicine at Korea University.

The College of Medicine at Korea University has been committed itself to the true medical education which must have respect for life and love for human. The College of Medicine at Korea University which emerged to comfort the path of the nation is the cradle of the good doctor training and the country's best medical educational institution which produces medical scientists who will lead future medicine and has devoted itself to ethnic and national medical advances.

The College of Medicine at Korea University is aimed at cultivating good doctors who protect human beings' dignity and health, experts who carries out best treatment and creative research, and leaders who have the spirit of world citizen and contribute to health service and social development on the basis of Korea University Idea, that is, freedom, justice and truth.

Our college has played a pivotal role in the improvement of national health and development of medicine by creating landmark research results that will go down in the medical history such as development of the world's first vaccine against Hantaan virus infection and establishing the country's first forensic medicine research center. Besides, Anam and Guro Hospitals were designated as national research-centered hospitals and for the BK21 Plus project.

In addition, by conducting innovative education such as operation of integrated educational course which organically interconnects basic medicine and clinical medicine and introduction of the course of humanities, we have taken the head of the medical education in Korea.

We will realize the dream of Korea University, a global standard of college of medicine which embodies the aspiration of mankind towards the world free of disease, by holding the position of a global leader of medical education which crosses the border and spreads throughout the world and a medical complex, the key of bio-med blending research.

We ask for your affectionate concerns for us aiming for the day when the College of Medicine at Korea University can stand as the center of the research and education of Korea and the cradle of training for true global talented people for medicine taking the lead in the world medicine.

Thank you.