About Universitas21

Universitas21 is an international network of 27 leading research-intensive universities in seventeen countries. Collectively, its members enroll over 650,000 students, employ over 130,000 staff and have over 2 million alumni. Their collective budgets amount to over US$13bn and there is an annual research grant income of over US$3bn. The network's purpose is to facilitate collaboration and cooperation between the member universities and to create opportunities for them on a scale that none of them would be able to achieve operating independently or through traditional bilateral alliances.

Established in 1997, Universitas21 engages in a number of activities, informed by our core underlying principles:

  • a global focus and perspective
  • a commitment to excellence in all we do
  • a commitment of those involved to collaborative and co-operative work and spirit while ensuring there are clear outcomes
  • a determination to achieve added value
  • a constant striving for innovation and the creation of multilateral opportunities for members
  • sustainability of activity

All Universitas21 member institutions are research-led, comprehensive universities providing a strong quality assurance framework to the network's activities.
Korea University has a U21 membership from November 2004 as 17th of member universities and actively involved in researcher engagement, educational innovation, student experience and other dynamic international collaborations.

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About Universitas21 Health Sciences Group

The U21 Health Sciences group is one of the collaborative group of the network for international higher education Universitas 21. It was created in 2000 to provide Health Sciences Faculty within U21 member universities with a framework for exploring opportunities for collaborative research, information exchange and sharing of resources. The U21 Health Sciences membership includes Dentistry, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Medicine, Nursing and Midwifery, Pharmacy and Public Health. On this website, you will find a range of information about the group and its activities. Feel free to browse and if you have any questions or comment, please contact us.
U21 Health Sciences Group's mission
To enhance individual and collective contributions by leadership to health sciences education and research and to social transformation through sharing of experiences and resources and through collaborative interdisciplinary projects. Korea University College of Medicine has been a member of U21 Health Sciencecs Group from September 2005, as the Dean, Prof. Sang Yong Choi had firstly attended U21 HSG Dean's Meeting in Lund University, Sweden.

Main Projects

  • U21 Health Sciences Summer School
  • U21 UNMDG initiative
  • U21 Social Media for Education in Health
    U21 Health Sciences Doctoral Student Forum
  • U21 Clinical Placement Program in Medicine
  • U21 Clinical Placement Program in Nursing
  • U21 Benchmarking in Nursing
  • U21 Health Sciences Global Learning Partnership