Dean's message

Korea University College of Medicine has always stayed true to the values of respect for life and people. Established with the mission of producing female doctors during a time in Korea when women were deprived of the chance to be treated with western medicine due to traditional Confucian ideas, Korea University College of Medicine is the birthplace of true doctors of virtue and the leading educational institution for medicine that provides education to mold medical scholars who will spearhead future medical developments.

The mission of our college is to harness the educational philosophy of freedom, justice, and truth to produce doctors who safeguard dignity of life and health grounded in strong ethics, experts who conduct top-notch diagnosis and creative research, and leaders who will contribute to healthcare, medicine, and social development.

Korea University College of Medicine has made remarkable achievements - becoming the first to uncovering the causative bacteria for the Hantaan virus and developing a vaccine for it, and launching Korea's first research institute for forensic medicine, just to name a few. Our college has become a renowned research-based college, recognized for the Anam and Guro hospitals' designation as research-centric hospitals, designation of the BK21 Plus project and the precision medicine team for a strategic national project.

Our college also offers a wide array of active curriculums with the aim of nurturing integrated and creative talents fit to take the helm in the age of the fourth industrial revolution. Our college has lead Korea's medical education efforts by providing innovative education involving various extracurricular activities such as student research associations, medical outreach programs overseas, and active engagement and exchanges in clinical practice, in addition to its deeply linked curriculums spanning preclinical and clinical medicine.

I urge you to join us in our journey ahead conduct research that brings us a step closer to living in a world free from disease and to produce integrated and creative talents in the true sense of the word who will pave the way for future medicine and global standards in education.
Thank you.

Young Wook Yoon, M.D., Ph.D.
Dean, Korea University College of Medicine